Best Mac DVD+R to DVD-R Burner


How to Burn DVD+R to DVD-R on Mac? There are too many different opinions, definition and information in the Internet about DVDs and any other technologies, they are all correct.

However, what if I'm an ordinary guy with no interesting in the technologies and theories? I just want to know how to solve my problems with the easiest and fasted way? Today, we bring in the topic: How to burn DVD+R to DVD-R on Mac?

The following guide will tell you how to burn DVD+R to DVD-R for Mac, you can follow the tutorial to learn how to burn DVD+R to DVD-R on Mac step by step with Mac DVD +R to DVD-R Burner.

Tutorial of How to Burn DVD+R to DVD-R

Step 1: Select DVD Source

Download and run DVD +R to DVD-R Burner for Mac. In the "Select Source" field, click the "ComboBox" and select "Open DVD Folder". Then browse your computer hard disc in the "Open" window and select your DVD movie to load to the "Source".(either in a folder or from your DVD-ROM).


Step 2: Select DVD Copy Method

DVD +R to DVD-R Burner for Mac allows you to copy DVD to a folder on your hard disc or directly burn DVD to a new DVD disc. Click "Target ComboBox" to select a output path to the selected DVD+R Disc.


Step 3: Program Settings

Set temporary file folder: Specify a directory on your hard disc to store the temporary files generated during the conversion. We recommend that you select a folder on a hard disc that has relatively big free space.

Select Language: Select an interface language for the program. The currently available languages are English and Simplified Chinese.



Step 4: Start Copying DVD

Click the "Start" button to start burning DVD+R to DVD-R on Mac.


Note: If you are copying a DVD disc from your DVD ROM to a new DVD disc, DVD Copy for Mac will ask you to insert a blank DVD disc when the program gets ready to burn. Then you can just take the original DVD disc out and insert a blank DVD disc.